Current Sermon Series:

Going Viral: The Early Church

Most of us use the Internet for our own personal enjoyment, whether it is Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or just email. Yet there are some people that have made a fortune because of the Internet. Sometimes they found the right formula for marketing themselves or their product and they hit it big. Other times it was just a coincidence because they shared a cute family moment and the world went crazy over it.

Because of the unknown nature of the Internet, many people have started posting their entire lives online in hopes that they may have that one post that goes viral. Yet nothing has spread as fast as the Word of God.

Going Viral is a new series through the book of Acts. We will discover exactly what transpired in the years following the resurrection of Christ and how that led to a viral movement. Through this study we will learn all about the purpose, plan, and practice of the early church. Acts is a blueprint of sorts for how we are to function as the body of Christ.

I hope that this study through the book of Acts will help encourage you to be just as hungry for the Gospel as Theophilus was, just as bold as the apostles were in sharing about Jesus, and just as concerned about eternity as Paul was.

Interim Pastor Steve Poole