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SUmmer DIscipleship Class

DISTINCT - Living Above the Norm

We like to fit in. Ever since we were kids, we wanted to like the right kind of music, wear the right clothes, and use the right technology. We still do.

But we were made to be different. We're followers of Jesus, and that fact makes us stand apart, distinct from the crowd. We don't fit in. When we started following Jesus, everything about us changed, whether we recognized it or not. We have a new heart, new desires, and a new attitude. And all of that newness stands in sharp contrast to the old.

In His most famous sermon, Jesus helped his followers - both then and now - to see just how different God made us to be. In everything from our character to to our relationships to the way we love other people, we were made to stand apart from the crowd.

Just as it was for those who heard the sermon on the mount for the first time, every day is fill with opportunities to fit in - or to be distinct.

Join us this summer on Wednesday nights at 6:30 for a time of study and discussion. See the calendar above for dates and topics.