Joyful, Regular, Sacrificial

In light of how richly God provides for his people in Jesus, we believe regular, joyful, and sacrificial financial giving is part of our worship to God. We do not give to ‘get’ anything from God. Instead, our gratitude for His grace inspires generosity to give cheerfully and seek to further missional work through the local church. Please consider giving to support the ministry of SCCC via this online link or mail a check to the church address. 


Resources for Families

As families gather for worship each Sunday in homes, we will be providing age-appropriate resources to aid parents in discipling their children. We long to see families increasingly love and follow Jesus, and hope these resources help you to dependently lead toward that. Family devotional guide.  


South County Community Church seeks to be a beacon of gospel hope by meeting spiritual, physical, and needs in our community. Our church family is made of people who depend on Jesus for hope in all seasons and would love to pass along this gospel shaped hope in prayer and physical service. Please let us know how we can help and/or pray for you! 


We will continue meeting Indoors and on Facebook in 2021! 

GREET| Where are you worshipping from this morning? Share on Facebook!


SING | Praise God With our Musical Team



GIVE | Continue in joyful, regular, sacrificial giving via online portal

SCRIPTURE | John 10:1-10



PRAY | ACTS at home

Adore | Wow! God you are ________ as I’ve seen in Scripture

Confess | I’m sorry I haven’t always loved and followed you. I’ve seen that in ________

Thanksgiving | Thank you for sending Jesus to forgive me and invite me to follow Him

Supplication | Please help me this week in these ways ____________